True in Some Sense

Questions on the Long Road; Chapter 4

Thursday, July 22, 2010, around 10:00 PM and throughout the following two days

Before Gene arrives, Gidget sends another email to Dr. Henry Gutermuth, saying that she knows she didn’t hear from him and that she is currently away from the West Coast, but if he ever has the time, she would still like to meet with him. She also takes a moment to write some notes regarding her meeting with “M—” in Terra Lake.

Around 11 PM, Gene shows up, and after some discussion, he leaves for his apartment with Gidget and Paul following shortly thereafter. The evening is fairly low-key, primarily consisting of multiplayer first-person shooters, beer, and cigarettes. Gidget watches and interacts, though she notes that Gene seems particularly interested in her. Before Gidget and Paul leave for the night, she and Gene exchange numbers at Gene’s request. Paul then drops her off at her hotel so that she may retire for the night, though on the way, they discuss the possibility of going to a club or something.

The next morning, Gidget goes into D.C. to spend the day at the museums. In the afternoon, Gene calls and asks if she might like to get something to eat later, maybe Carraba’s around 6:30? She agrees, though she notes that she has made vague future plans with Paul.

After returning from D.C., she gets ready and looks to see what and where Carraba’s is. She then meets Gene at Carraba’s at 6:30. They have dinner and talk about themselves a little, deciding afterwards to meet Paul and determine where to go in D.C. They retire to Gene’s apartment, and after Paul arrives, they discuss what they might like to do. After looking for some of the clubs in the area, they decide on the Science Club.

Upon arriving at the Science Club, they find it to be a somewhat small venue playing reggae and dub dance music. Paul leaves Gene and Gidget alone to talk, dance, and drink beer. Toward the end of the evening, everybody returns to Gene’s place to talk and hang out, and Paul eventually takes his leave. Gene sits next to Gidget on the couch, but she shortly takes her leave and returns to the hotel. She checks her email, finding one from Dr. Morgan telling her that she has office hours on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. She also finds that she missed a message from Gillian Palmer saying that she received Gidget’s email, and when are they going to write together? Gidget then goes to sleep.

The next day, Gidget drives back to D.C. to visit the Library of Congress, hoping to gain some information. On the way, she receives a phone call from Gillian Palmer, again asking when Gidget plans on writing stuff. Gidget laughs it off, and asks again about Project: REGINA, though Gillian doesn’t really know anything new. When Gidget arrives at the Library of Congress, she gets to work.

Gidget spends over six hours at the Library of Congress before leaving when the building closes at 4:30 PM. During that time, she finds very little; she primarily determines that her patent is completely and totally gone, and that Dr. Katashi Kimura, a former colleague of Dr. Frye who is currently institutionalized in Seattle, apparently worked with one Dr. Aloysius Steiner on Project: REGINA.

Upon returning to her hotel, she continues to search, finding that Dr. Steiner was a roboticist from MIT who worked with the Army Corps of Engineers as a civilian. He did nothing from about 2002 to his death, though it is rumored that he was working on Project: REGINA at this time. Gidget also researches Dr. Rose Morgan, finding that she got her start in academia before working on robotics projects for the automotive industry. She then returned to academia in her current teaching role at Carnegie Mellon.



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