Dr. Ebenezer Zirpoli

Scientist of Note


Dr. Ebenezer Zirpoli was a former colleague of Dr. Robert Frye, roboticist and creator of Gidget Frye. Much to Gidget’s surprise, he was fully aware of her nature, having helped design her nervous system. A notable physicist and biologist, he even has a species of fish (the groetnich, Neouranolophus zirpoli) named after him.

For his part, he seems to have secrets of his own. He has made references to extranormal abilities, alternating explaining things as magic or a possible future stage in human evolution. It also appears that he has some government contacts, contacts he is not at liberty to discuss.

When not traveling, Dr. Zirpoli lives in New York City, NY, with his wife, Dalia.

To hear about Dr. Zirpoli’s first trip to Terra Lake, why not check out his write-up in False in Some Sense? Alternately, why not read about his initial encounter with the hunter cell in Terra Lake?

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

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Dr. Ebenezer Zirpoli

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