Sam Diego


Nobody really knows who it is. He’s a Promethean, that much is certain. Otherwise, everything’s up for grabs.

Paul apparently recognizes him, having encountered him once before with a gang of people. This guy is definitely bad news.

And he took several blows to the head and being forced through a windshield at about 80 miles per hour without taking any lasting harm. That’s fairly impressive.

The second time Gidget met him, she learned that he has had some manner of run-ins with clones in the past. She also named him “Sam Diego,” given that he was interested in her tales about San Diego.

He also took two bullets without slowing down. Also impressive.

To learn about this thing’s exploits before True in Some Sense, why not check out his write-up in the one shot Wave of Mutilation? Alternately, why not read about his first encounter with a hunter cell?

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

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Sam Diego

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